What are the 7 Cs of communication?

To make communication effective it is important to possess certain qualities. These certain qualities are known as the 7 Cs of communication. They can be applied to both oral and written communication.

The 7 Cs of Communication:

The 7 Cs of Communication



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Completeness means “the facts of including all the parts”. A message is said to be complete when it contains all the facts the reader or listener needs for the desired reaction. Completeness in messages helps to promote greater understanding between the sender and the receiver and will bring desired results. For example, if the customer has asked that when the exhibition will be held? the reply should not only mention the date but if it’s necessary it should also mention the duration, time and location.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Conciseness means “​the quality of giving only the information that is necessary and important”. Therefore, conciseness can be explained as a message with the least possible words without abstaining from the other 7 Cs of communication. Conciseness is the opposite of wordiness, a concise message saves time and makes important ideas clear.

Today as we see most people are deadly busy in their work, they don’t have time to go through unnecessary lengthy messages. Therefore, conciseness is one of the important factors of communication, it makes the message more comprehensible. To achieve conciseness, you should organize the message logically and effectively, include only relevant facts and avoid unnecessary repetition.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Consideration means “the act of thinking carefully about something”. Consideration can be explained as preparing every message with the receiver in mind. One should know the emotions, desires, problems, circumstances and reactions of the readers and listeners of their message. Consideration is important in both oral and written communication, it helps in building goodwill and to ensure a positive response from the receiver. To achieve consideration, you should try to think of things from your recipient’s perspective. For example, questions like what they need? What are their problems? What could be their possible reaction?



According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word concrete means “based on facts”. Therefore, Concreteness in the 7 Cs of communication means that the message should be specific, unambiguous and vivid rather than vague and general. One of the advantages of concreteness is that the information is more likely to be remembered and interpreted as the sender wants. To achieve concreteness, the message should be vivid (vivid means image building words) and in a figurative language.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Clarity means “the quality of being expressed clearly”. The clarity in communication requires attention to a particular message rather than trying to achieve too much all at once. The message is said to be clear when it is interpreted by the receiver with the same meaning which the sender has in mind. To make your message clear, you should make the message understandable (even by a common man) i.e., should avoid confusing and bewildering messages.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Courtesy means “polite behavior that shows respect for other people”. During communication, the sender should respect the receiver and show good manners. To achieve courtesy, you should be straight forward, truthful, appreciative and apologize for one’s mistake.



According to the Oxford Dictionary, Correctness means “the quality of being accurate, without any mistakes”. Correctness can be explained as proper use of grammar, punctuations, spellings and the information provided in the message should be accurate. To achieve correctness, you must use the right level of language and accurate facts & figures.

What is the importance of the 7 Cs of Communication?

To compose an effective message, it is necessary to use specific communication principles. The importance of the 7 Cs of communication is that it helps us to communicate effectively, helps us to build goodwill and also to achieve business goals. By understanding the 7 Cs of communication and try to practice it in our daily lives we may notice an increase in effectiveness, capability and performance.

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