One of the qualities of great leaders is surely the art of communication. Today communication skills are so important to achieve business goals. Down below we have mentioned the top 5 communication secrets that will help you effectively throughout your life.

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The art of communication is the language of leadership

Top 5 Communication Secrets You Must Know


Learn to listen

This simply means to let the other person finish his sentence. One should show interest in what the other person is saying if (s)he wants a good conversation. Listening to others will help you to understand the other person’s desire, what (s)he’s trying to say and also for you to give the best answer.



Consideration refers to your attitude, empathy, human touch, and understanding of human nature. Consideration means the message with the receiver in mind. One cannot achieve consideration if (s)he does not learn to listen. You should visualize your audience desires, problems, emotions and their possible reaction.


Know the purpose

When you start to talk you must know what you’re saying, you must know the purpose clearly. The purpose may be goodwill, request, inquiry or refusal etc. Try to add value in your conversations don’t force others to listen to you.


Be respectful

This is the key! Being respectful to others will not only help you in better conversations but also it is essential for your health. Loving and respecting others is a sign of phycological and emotional wellbeing. You will be able to build trust amongst people.

The healthy man does not torture others generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers. – Carl Jung

Quit Egotism

Egotism simply means the practice to talk about oneself too much. Egotism will lead you far away to reality through which you will make bad and poor decisions. It will not help you build trust amongst others.

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